About Gyre Network

Gyre Network, An Opportunity To Enter The Exclusive Ecosystem

Gyre Network is an ecosystem of “Gyre” which is a crypto token based on the BEP- 20 platform. The network ecosystem of Gyre cryptocurrency is developed with an aim to empower more people to enter the web 3.0, crypto-verse, and to utilize blockchain technology in the real world. The Gyre Network team has entailed a model in their crypto ecosystem to build network and social connections.

Gyre Network is a network in which individuals come together to create awareness about the adoption of blockchain technology and digital currencies to more crypto beginners and enthusiasts. Each individual in the Gyre network can set their own quorum slices, and their slices (referred individuals) can become a part of the network. In the Gyre network, Quorums are built on the recommendations of new members in the crypto sphere.

The whole Gyre network is an open source model which flows in a decentralized manner where each individual can join and utilize the network’s facilities without any central server.

How does the Gyre Network work?

In this project, all individuals must introduce five new crypto enthusiasts to be eligible to enrich the Gyre Network’s protocol level and rewards.

The quorum and its chain need to invest in 500 Gyres to reap the benefits of the Gyre network program. It should be noted that there is no limit for quorum leaders to add potential gyre enthusiasts as their downline.

The Gyre Network offers five ways to earn crypto:

Referral Income

There is a referral reward in which the individual will get 5 Gyres per referral.

Investment Income

It is the initial amount of tokens purchased by the individual to enter the network. Further, when the chain of 5 gyre enthusiasts gets completed, the individual gets 3% Gyres of the total value, i.e., 3% of 2500 is 75 Gyres.

Network Income

Network income is the total percentage of an amount consisting of all investment income of an individual. The total Network will be 10% which will be accumulative of reward percentages at different levels.

Network Staking Income

If the individual holds the Gyres for 200 days, he will get 0.3% of the staked value on a daily basis. Moreover, the quorum leader will get 3% of 0.3% (his Network’s staking income) daily. The staking percentage of the leader changes at different levels.

Royalty Income

The quorum leaders get royalty if they hold a stipulated amount of Gyres in reward on a daily basis. The daily reward varies at different levels of staking.

Play And Earn

There is another way to enter the network without investing any amount in its ecosystem, through playing games on Gyre Network.

Gyre Network provides play and earn options to its users where they get Gyres in terms of rewards. The individual gets a chance to win up to 10 Gyre Network Tokens.

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