Gyre Network Privacy Policy

Updated on 10/11/ 2022

Gyre Network company (also referred as “Gyre Network”, “App”, “we”, “ours”, and “us” throughout the privacy policy & terms of use) and its team members are committed to protecting the privacy of users and develop technology to deliver a safe and secure online experience. Gyre Network is a vertical business of CoinCRED Investment FZCO.

Throughout this documentation, we have described the usage, storage, and collection of the personal information of our users while using our services, such as when you visit our website, or the application Gyre Network.

Also, you acknowledge and agree that in order to use our website and Gyre Network application for smooth functioning, you provide access to us to collect your personal information like email, contact, etc. Your personal information and privacy will be protected, respected, and treated in accordance with relevant laws.

Gyre Network will not share your personal information with third parties except as required by law or as necessary for your participation in our games and services.

Your personal data may be retained by us and destroyed only when required by law or when the data is no longer needed for its originally intended purpose.

Our team members also have access to your personal data in the course of their professional activities to support your requests.

To make the Gyre Network application more user-friendly, to track our website visits, and to improve our services, Gyre Network collects cookies (small text files containing information about your computer and mobile). If you prefer, you can disable cookies in your browser settings.

We reserve the right to update or revise the guidelines of the privacy policy at any time. You will be notified of the latest updated policies. We may use your personal data to inform you about news, changes, new services, and promotions of our products and services that may be of interest to you.

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