Gyre Network Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Last Updated on 30/04/2023

Welcome to the Gyre Network. Kindly consent to proceed with the Gyre Network and its entire services. This is an agreement between you and us (Gyre Network & Coincred Investment FZCO). Gyre Network is the business vertical of coincred investment FZCO regarding your access to use the Gyre Network’s website or any of its services. Also the Gyre tokens are the native token of CoinCRED Pro (the latest and updated version of CoinCRED exchange).You are advised to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy carefully before using our services.

By downloading the application, using the website, or clicking on the ‘’I agree” button, you acknowledge that you agreed to all the Gyre Network’s terms of use after reading and understanding all the policies and terms.

Services Usage Guidelines

Users must adhere to certain guidelines and conditions while using Gyre Network services. Please read the “About us” section of user is also notified that Gyre Network and Coincred Investment FZCO reserves the right to alter, modify or stop the “Gyre Network” incentive program.

Furthermore, Gyre Network has set some user termination conditions with regard to Gyre Network Incentive Program:-

* If a single user tries to create multiple accounts on a single device.

*If any user is found to be violating any of said conditions and is trying to conduct malicious activity against us.

Newly Launched Investment Plan

Please be informed about getting rewards on staking tokens in wallets for 200 days on a daily basis. Here, you get a chance to earn from a 9% to 18% rate of profit on your investments for six months.

You are hereby notified that you are abided by the act of 200 days of staking. As per the project’s guidelines, it is mandatory for each user to bid/ stake the purchased tokens in their wallets for six months from the date of its launch, i.e., 14th of November, 2022. Your continued use of the Gyre Network application or any of its services is the determination of your consent to all the terms of use and privacy policies and their modifications.

Besides the above-mentioned investment and staking stratagem, there is an addition to the program. As per the modification in this investment plan, it will now be defined in various levels, which are as follows-

Starter Gyre

This investment level represents the entry-level investment into Gyre Network.

1010 Rs - 5 Lakh 0.3% daily, i.e., 9% monthly staking profit

Growth Gyre

This investment level is designed for investors who are looking to grow their investments quickly.

7000 USDT- 12,150 USDT: 0.4% daily, i.e., 12% monthly staking profit

Prime Gyre

This investment level is for seasoned investors seeking a more exclusive investment experience.

12,150 USDT- 1,21,200 USDT: 0.5% daily, i.e., 15% monthly staking profit

Elite Gyre

This investment level is the highest level of investment in Gyre Network.--

1,21,200 USDT: 0.6% daily, i.e., 18% monthly staking profit

Now let’s look at the other principal Gyre Network’s terms of use:

Personal Data

We may collect your personal information like your name, email address, phone number, etc. This personal data will be used for your smooth experience on the Gyre Network website and application. Please read our privacy policy.


We may post materials on our website and application that you are specifically permitted to download. You agree to use the downloaded materials only for your own personal, non-commercial use. All the materials provided by us can be used for your personal use and network building only. It is strictly prohibited to use these materials for any other purposes.

License to Use

You are given a restricted license to use this site and our application for personal purposes and to access it. You are prohibited from downloading or altering our website, in whole or in part, unless we expressly provide you permission in writing. You are not permitted to copy, replicate, or change any part of our website.

Electronic Communications

Your visits to our website, application, emails, or any online forms, all includes in electronic communications. If you visit our platform in any manner, you agree to receive communications from us electronically.

Links to third-party websites

Our website and application may have links to other websites owned by third parties.

However, we need to have control over the information on such external websites.


All the contents, including the texts, images, videos, graphics, logos, and trademarks of the website, belong to the Gyre Network and CoinCRED Investment FZCO only. No third party exists in any manner.

Contact Us

For any questions or queries, kindly write to us at

[Disclaimer: Kindly ensure that investments in cryptocurrencies are subject to high price volatility, which involves risk factors. Digital Virtual Assets like cryptocurrencies are currently unregulated and not legal tender yet. The terms as mentioned above and conditions don’t represent any investment advice; they are just policies to proceed with our programs. All the materials contained herein are subject to changeable or modifiable without prior notice, including the prices of the assets. No regulatory redress may be available for any losses resulting from such transactions. Also, all the information and material available here are proprietary to Gyre Network. Gyre Network reserves the sole right to amend or modify the policies or guidelines at any time. Your continued use of our platform and its services represents that you agree to our policies and terms of use. ]

We reserve the right to update and modify website and application content at anytime. Your continued use of our platform and its services represents that you agree to our policies and terms of use.